Full Highlight

Full Highlight

Highlights can multi- dimensional that contrast with the base color (the solid color your hair is prior to highlighting).

Highlights are added to the hair using lightener, color, and or direct hair dyes.

Highlights are pieces lighter than your base color, and lowlights are darker than your base color.

This process entails having your stylist “weave” out tiny pieces of hair.

The hair that is weaved out is then placed into a foil to process to ensure that the product being used stays contained and does not touch the base color.

Maybe you just got a new job, or broke up with your significant other, or maybe you have a first date coming up with someone you have had your eye on.

Now you are feeling like you want a change and you want to spruce up your hair. Highlighted Hair can be your answer. There are plenty of options when it comes to getting highlighted hair.

Add-ons available:

  • Glazing
  • Toning
  • Additional Colors

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